ErasmusBUS 2018-2020

ErasmusBUSBuilding Up Skills (ErasmusBUS) is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership for VET under the leadership of Akdeniz University. It is a consortium made up of two universities, four VET schools and two NGOs engaged in research and innovation in education.

ErasmusBUS reverses the tendency of education players to be reactive to change taking place around them by making them become constructive proactive players stimulating continuous professional development throughout one's career.

During the 2 years of the project the partners in ErasmusBUS will:

- introduce Modular Learning methodology in VET so that trainers and students acquire better understanding and background knowledge about their profession,

- create OERs on cross sectoral Technical Design so that learners acquire knowledge on the fundamentals of design in electrical, mechanical and hydraulic engineering and these will be exploited by trainers and students in the automotive industry in a Work and Learn balance therefore creating the mindset for continuous professional development,

- carry out observations and analysis of the Work and Learn balance activities in the project and carry out further research to publish MODULearn that will be a strategy document on lifelong professional development through Modular Learning.


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