Creative InternPrize : Results

1. The project is a big step forward towards the removal of boundaries between VET and enterprise. It is one of the EU's priorities to bring VET and industry closer but InternPrize goes a step further than this because it brings enterprise into the school. It is a new dynamic to the practice of apprenticeship because practical work for local enterprise is carried out in school with the support of teachers. It removes or reduces the separation between formal education and informal learning environments in an apprenticeship. This will bring as a result higher and more concrete relevance of VET in the lives and career start up of students as well as in the local community.

2. This is an international project and this is, in itself, a step towards the internationalisation of education. More than this the partners will first give structure to the practice of InternPrize and then explore ways in which it can be implemented in mobilities for VET students. InternPrize will in this way help bring into the minds of students the benefits of mobility and autonomy.

3. The Creative InternPrize partnership is a mix between tertiary education, VET, enterprise and organisations working with NEETs. This will make partners aware of how they complement each other and can work together for the benefit of young careers.

4. The project will put students who are still in VET in the context of a real enterprise. They work and communicate with enterprise from inside the school while they learn. This is very different to the kind of internship where one leaves school for a short time experience in a company and then goes back to school. In InternPrize one learns how to work remotely using virtual collaborative tools, responsibility and acquires a sense of responsibility and commitment. In this way students learn how to be entrepreneurial if they will be in employment or will open their own business in the future.

5. There is entrepreneurship training in many VET environments but there is start up training in very few schools. Creative InternPrize includes training in start up because the practical part of the InternPrize practice needs to be supplemented by start up training. Students will also learn how to start up their own business and how to start a career on their own. This will help students who wish to make a career in the creative industries to understand subjects like feasibility, viability and creativity from a technical point of view.

6. The project has in it training in start up for the partners who will create a training package for VET teachers. This will also become an eLearning training module that will be available together with resources for VET even outside the partnership and beyond the project lifetime by way of exploitation. This online training content will be about start up but in the context of InternPrize and this will be the foundation of a future onward upward growth for the results of this project.

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