Creative InternPrize : Objectives

The objectives of Creative InternPrize are: 

- starting a new practice in the dynamics required to establish relationships between school education and industry, 
- make the creative industries part of the equation when it comes to career development of students, 
- give to the student a competitive spirit by showing them that competences and skills bring about opportunity and that self taught extra curricular skills are valuable when acquired and when shared and 
- to generate opportunities for those students who are more oriented towards the practical and less to didactic formal education and therefore possibly labeled as having learning difficulties.

In Creative InternPrize the benefit is for students who have potential of a future in the creative industry with the right kind of input and direction at school. This can include :

- students who study subjects for a career in the creative industries, 
- students who study subjects not directly linked to the creative industries but have acquired skills in their extra curricular activities or free time and are keen on working in projects in media, culture, video, design and such fields, 
- students with learning difficulties in formal training environments and who are more efficient learners in creative and practical spaces with informal learning and mentoring and 
- students who study subjects like IT, marketing and management and who have never considered jobs or enterprise in the creative industry but they could consider it  thanks to this experience. 

This wide application of Creative InternPrize is because it is a concept based on the need of further employability for a variety of profiles that would benefit from it if supported by the right preparation and experience at school level.

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