Creative InternPrize : Who benefits ?

What kind of students would most probably benefit from the Creative InternPrize practice ?

- students who study subjects for a career in the creative industries,

- students who study subjects not directly linked to the creative industries but have acquired skills in their extra curricular activities or free time and are keen on working in projects in media, culture, video, design and such fields,

- students with learning difficulties in formal training environments and who are more efficient learners in creative and practical spaces with informal learning and mentoring and

- students who study subjects like IT, marketing and management and who have never considered jobs or enterprise in the creative industry but they could consider it  thanks to this experience.

This wide application of Creative InternPrize is because it is a concept based on the need of further employability for a variety of profiles that would benefit from it if supported by the right preparation and experience at school level.

It can also be explored as an learning environment for NEETs as remedial education to get them out of the cycle of unemployment. It immediately starts up or changes direction of a career because students, NEETs or even possibly adult learners learn through practice and finish the experience with a job on their Curriculum Vitae. More than this the experience is in the creative industries which means that usually the results of the project work done is visible and tangible and can be seen by potential future employers.

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