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First there was the InternPoint programme that is still running and is also operated by VisMedNet Association.

In 2014 VisMedNet started an experimentation in a new form of internship in which students work on real projects for the local players in commercial and social enterprise. 

In InternPrize the school starts up relationships with the local commercial community and together they create real projects in marketing, tourism, IT, visual arts and other areas of the creative industries. Students are involved to apply what they learn in class into these projects so that they work together in a cross disciplinary manner in project based learning environments. The dynamic also ensures that students come out of school with something to show as track record other than their formal qualification.

The first experiments in InternPrize were made by VisMedNet at a local level, then in cross border mobility projects until in 2016 it also matured into an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership for VET called Creative InternPrize. In 2018 it acquired further recognition in another project called MARSA funded under the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership for Youth funding programme.